Le menu de la cantine                 


JUIN 2015

French School Canteen Menu -JUNE 2015
    Starter Bakery Main Course Dessert Beverage
Week one  
MON 1 JUNE Stagioni Mini Ciabatta  Tendeloin steak with Olive Rice Saffron Cake Mineral Water 
TUE 2 JUNE Insalata Gennarino Mini Baguette  Chicken cheshire with Boiled Veg Butter scotch pastry  Mineral Water 
WED 3 JUNE corn and veg salad Rye Bread Fish Monalisa with Mashed Potato Water melon  Mineral Water 
THU 4 JUNE german Potato salad Brown Roll Beef Rouladen with  Pasta Fruit yogurt  Mineral Water 
Week Two SUN 7 JUNE Fatoush  Mini Baguette  Mexican chicken with Rice Banana Cake  Mineral Water 
MON 8 JUNE Cucumber Salad  Mini Ciabatta  Beef strogonoff over spaghetti  Fruit Salad  Mineral Water 
TUE 9 JUNE Tomato and Mozzarella Brown Roll Fish fillet with  Boiled Veg Yogurt  Mineral Water 
WED 10 JUNE Mediterranean Salad   Mini Baguette  Southern Fried Chicken with French Fries Black Forest Pastry Mineral Water 
THU 11 JUNE Caesar salad  Multi Grain Pasata carbonara Cup cake  Mineral Water 
Week Three   
SUN 14 JUNE Carrot Cucumber Salad  Brown Roll Teriyaki chicken with Rice Chocolate Cake  Mineral Water 
MON 15 JUNE Veronica Salad  Mini Ciabatta  Beef burger with chips  Caramel Custard  Mineral Water 
TUE 16 JUNE Greek salad  Rye Bread Stir-Fried Chicken with Sauted Veg Marble Cake Mineral Water 
WED 17 JUNE Cucumber and Dill Salad  Mini  Baguette  Fish Mornay with Mashed Potato Fruit cuts  Mineral Water 
THU 18 JUNE Tossed Salad  Brown Roll Spaghetti Meat Sauce   Banana Mineral Water 
Week Four   
SUN 21 JUNE Root Vegetable Salad Multi Grain Mangolian Beef With Noodles White Forest Cake  Mineral Water 
MON 22 JUNE Peas and beans salad  Mini Baguette  Crumb Fried Fish With Chips Fruit Cuts  Mineral Water 
TUE 23 JUNE Greek salad  Mini Ciabatta  Roasted Chicken with Veg Carrot Cake Mineral Water 
WED 24 JUNE Mista Brown Roll Steak Strips with Mashed Potato Yogurt Mineral Water 
THU 25 JUNE Tuna salad  Rye Bread Pasta In Mix Sauce Chocolate Donut  Mineral Water 
Week Four   
SUN 28 JUNE Rainbow salad  Brown Roll Chicken Adobo with Rice Pineapple Strudel Mineral Water 
MON 29 JUNE Mediterranean Salad   Mini  Baguette  Braised Beef with Veg Brownie Mineral Water 
MON 30 JUNE Nicoise Salad  Bread  Roll Spaghetti With Meat Balls Melon cuts  Mineral Water 

MAI 2015

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